Is Kinguin Legit and Safe For Windows and Games Keys in 2019

Kinguin Review

If you are a PC gamer, Then you may have found yourself in this situation, where you want to buy a game but the price of the game is so high, And you don’t afford to buy the game and taken back. It is a very common problem among many PC gamers, especially for those gamers who are always looking for any discounted offer. Here, If I tell you a place on the internet where you can buy both games and as well as Windows OS at a very discounted rate.

If you do not know about it, Today I am telling you about Kinguin. Which is a marketplace, where you can buy PC games keys at the cheapest price and also buy as well as Windows keys, And Also tell you about Is Kinguin Legit or not.

If you think about How Cheap?

If you found windows 10 key at a low price like $10 on Kinguin marketplace. And in your mind you think about it is providing you at a low price Is Kinguin is legit or not, Am I correct. If someone looking for this question in short answers, It is not fully legit.

Yes, If you buy a Windows key or a game key from the marketplace of Kinguin. And it is working for you, but it doesn’t mean that their full catalog is working properly as well. If you want a full and detailed answer to this, First you may need to understand some of the basics of the Kinguin. We simply just have to see how does it work.

Here, I share with you all the facts about the whole Kinguin. Let’s get started.

How Does It Work?

How Kinguin Works

Using Kinguin is a very easy and simple matter that you can do. Seriously, you don’t need any deep knowledge about technology and the internet for using it. You can simply go on the website and search about it what you want on Kinguin.

And simply you need to enter the game of the name and the software which you want, and this will you redirect to that page where many of different buyers and sellers selling their product at the lowest and discounted price. In some countries, it may block by their ISP’s but there are other ways you can find and visit on this Kinguin Marketplace.

Firstly you may have to select that seller where you have to buy the product, And simply you have to click on “Buy Now”, and you can successfully purchase the product, Buying of any product is so easy in Kinguin.

If you are a sensible and responsible person, you can only trust that seller who has a positive review and rating, Because you really don’t want to give your money to anyone who is not trusted.

Then once the process is complete and you may have checked out, and you have to pay for the key that you are buying, then redeem that key which you have bought just.

The Catch

These processes above seem to simple for anyone who wants to buy a Windows or a game key, But there is a catch of it. These are the situations were all key are not working well. This is not possible for Kinguin to find out that you are the legal owner of that game or not. Because Kinguin, not checks whether keys are working and being sold are legit or not. Many of peoples facing this problem, On the internet you will get many articles related to those who are reporting for the incidents of the keys are not working.

For example, I buy a key of Call Of Duty Game for $200 dollars before the release of the game and when I apply and redeemed my key, And I got an error message, It says the key has been already used. And I quickly contact with the support of Kinguin for no avail, Because the service of Kinguin is very slow for resolving the issue that I was facing. After struggling of a week, Finally, i got my refund for the key.

And there is a system working in a place for avoiding that form this happening. But there is an interesting fact about that you can purchase buyer protection in this marketplace. And it provides you where support is concerned.

Kinguin Buyer Protection – Is it worth?

Kinguin Buyer Protection

Kinguin has been derived somewhat very intelligent buyer protection for its customers, who want to buy keys from their marketplace. But here is the catch it is not a one-time thing. If you are buying buyer protection then you need to pay for it and it charges $7 for the Windows keys and a little bit lower on games.

And this is a good part of Kinguin, but if you are viewing this from another view then you will realize Kinguin is desperately and cleverly trying to tell you about that Kinguin is even not sure whether the sellers on Kinguin is legit or not.

Where are the Keys Come From?

Where the keys come from

No one can sure about it at all. Seriously, I am telling you that thing which is very sellers of Kinguin is doing this. Some sellers are buying keys at bulk and it sells to customers for the highest price. Many hackers buy keys with the help of stolen credit cards and sell that keys to the sellers of the Kinguins.

These incidents are different and we never saw anyone of those really, this only goes to the level of the fidelity that you would find on the Kinguin.

I am not telling that Kinguin is full of scams, but the fact behind is that they do not have any proper system for monitor their sellers because many users on Kinguin are getting these scams, And these are the facts which we need to care about that.

Should I Buy From Kinguin?

And the most important question is that should you buy from Kinguin Marketplace or not. I will be honest and I can’t give your answer to that question. Anyway, I must mention that if you are paying for the Kinguin buyer Protection, then you are not paying too much money, When you compare the keys to the retail prices that will normally start from the price of $60 dollars and above that. Kinguin is a nice option for those people, who are looking for the cheapest keys.


Here, I tell you about Is Kinguin legit or not? and share with you all the facts about this marketplace. I am telling that Kinguin is a good place for buying keys, but first, you have to make sure that about the seller where you purchase from is legit because it is a marketplace and many types of peoples on this marketplace. And Kinguin is also a “grey” marketplace where you can find out and buy keys from them at the lowest price. I hope, you understand this marketplace and you like information about Kinguin Legit.


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